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Why You Might Want To Start Vericomposting

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Finding a way to keep my organic produce fertilized was a journey for me. But I definitely took to vermicomposting.

Why You Might Want To Start Vericomposting

It is increasingly hard to deny the fact that the human being will soon have to address the fact that our way of life is having a negative effect on the environment, even if we are endlessly debating about how to deal with this issue. Of course, this also depends on the personality and mentality of the certain individual. There are some young professionals that might be willing to donate a significant amount of money to organizations, while there are others that would rather volunteer their time to those organizations.

There are all sorts of variations on how much people might be willing to adjust their own personal habits to benefit the environment, as well. While vericomposting might not be well-known to some, it certainly has its own benefits. Here are some of the benefits of vericomposting.

About Vericomposting

For those who are not sure about what exactly vericomposting is - it is utilizing earthworms to convert waste into fertilizer. This usually involves either food or vegetable waste, and the resulting fertilizer can be used for farming. A worm can eat close to half its body weight each day, and it actually adds nutrients and enzymes to the soil before it expels it, which is why vericomposting has become more popular throughout the years.


We all know that fertilizers can contain all sorts of chemicals. One obvious concern is that the chemicals in the fertilizer can actually end up seeping into groundwater and water sources. It is obvious to see why how this can affect families of all kinds, their health, and even their psychological state. It can also end up affecting the natural ecosystem of a certain area in general, as well.

Vericomposting allows for a fully organic fertilizer, which is appealing to those who want to have a completely sustainable farming system, or are simply concerned with the amount of chemicals that are used in traditional fertilizers.


While not having chemicals is an obvious plus, the truth is that the fertilizer that is created through vericomposting is actually much healthier for plants. The earthworm compost actually makes it so that, thanks to worm mucus, the nutrients are much easily absorbed by the plants, as well.

Water Retention

Plants obviously need water, and this is a fact you may have known since a toddler. One of the greatest benefits of vericomposting is that the resulting soil can hold a staggering nine times its own weight in water, which can be integral to plants surviving droughts, and could mean life or death for some of them in extreme circumstances. There is also evidence that suggests that not only is the soil aerated better as a result of vericomposting, but that the soil texture in general is improved as a result.

Greenhouse Gas

Almost every developed country is trying to find practical ways to lower greenhouse gas production, and allowing food to rot produces methane. Of course, while many focus on the fact that the oil and gas industry produces an immense amount of methane, the truth is that vericomposting can help to reduce greenhouse gas emission in meaningful way, especially when one considers how much food is consumed throughout the world at any given time.

There are all sorts of reasons to consider vericomposting - whether you are simply a curious farmer who wants to try a non-traditional method or an environmental advocate who wants to do everything that you can to help the environment. Regardless, there are many that point to vericomposting as a benefit, and even claim that it can help reduce trash odor better than simply storing trash in kitchen bags, or appreciate the fact that it is a speedy solution, given how much worms can consume per day.

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