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Why Is Celery Juice Having a Moment?

When trying to eat and drink healthier you have a lot of options. The media alone can point you down thousands of different paths, each with their own methods and charms. You can read hundreds of testimonies on what works and what doesn’t but when selecting which path you want to invest your time and energy in, it’s a difficult choice. That’s why when it comes to finally deciding on which lifestyle changes you want to make, it’s important to research them thoroughly and know for certain that it’s the way you want to go.

One such path is drinking celery juice. I know what you’re thinking- “celery!? It’s essentially all water.” – and you’re entirely correct. However, while celery may be 95% water, that other 5% when paired with it works wonders. Sometimes the simplest things can do the most. Also, while you can fully enjoy celery juice on its own, you can also pair it with other healthy juices such as spinach, kale, apples, oranges, and more to really pack that punch of flavor while still getting essential nutrients. However, celery does its work best when it is on its own.

There are numerous benefits that come with drinking celery juice and once you see what they are you’ll instantly want to start drinking more. The first one is that it lowers inflammation. Inflammation is never fun and can actually be quite severe when it comes to chronic illnesses. Over time, after you start drinking celery juice, you’ll notice that your level of inflammation has gone down and this can allow for quicker healing, easier digestion, and so much more!

The second benefit of celery juice is, of course, weight loss. You’ll find that if you fill your body up with the healthier options such as celery juice there will be a drop on the number on that pesky scale. It is filled with nutrients and vitamins that will make you feel fuller and still round out your diet.

Another benefit is that since celery juice has so many nutrients and vitamins it is a very helpful aid when looking to boost your immune system. One vitamin that you’ll be ingesting will be Vitamin C and Vitamin C is a major player in the development and continued work of a healthy immune system. So not only will celery juice round out your diet and provide you with nutrients you may otherwise be missing, it will also assist in building a system that is strong enough to fight off even the nastiest of diseases. Keep an eye on your health after you start drinking celery juice, you’re sure to notice a positive difference!

Trouble sleeping; it’s something every human must deal with at some point or another. For some, it may even be chronic. However, a big glass of celery juice contains enough magnesium to speed up the process and you’ll find that you get to sleep quicker and easier when you have been drinking it throughout the day. Who knew something as small as a glass of celery juice could make such a difference?

The last benefit of celery juice we mention here but certainly not the last that exists is blood pressure stabilization. There are agents in every glass of celery juice that will help to effectively lower your blood pressure level and this fights off many diseases that may be brought on high blood pressure. This goes hand in hand with the nutrients that lower inflammation.

As you can see, there are many reasons to turn a new leaf and reach for that glass of celery juice. You won’t be disappointed with these positive results!

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