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What Are The Health Benefits Of Bone Broth?

First of all, what exactly is Bone Broth?

To put it simply, Bone Broth is a seemingly standard liquid, containing animal bones and connective tissues, which have been boiled into a broth and mixed with more than twenty herbs, vegetables, and spices. It might sound gross at first, but once you come in terms with all the benefits that it offers, you would definitely want to incorporate this in your diet every single day.

The Bone Broth preparations date back more than 2500 years ago when our ancestors realized that throwing away anything which was ‘edible’ would be a complete waste. Bone Broth also has a reputation of being used by the Chinese to cure digestive problems through collagen and minerals, paired with amino acids.

Bone Broth Preparations

Bone Broth is something that requires a good amount of time and patience to get everything right about it. However, the process is quite simple.

● The first step includes simmering of the bones and connective tissues of the animals with herbs, vegetables and spices like garlic.

● Since Knuckles and Chicken feet contain the maximum amount of collagen, they should be used with bones and ligaments of animals, feeding on organic grass for the best results.

● After you collect the ingredients, a broth is needed to simmer everything for at least 10 hours, after which you get the final product. The higher the simmering time, the better it would be since extracting the collagen and amino acids from the bones take time.

Bone Broth Benefits

Now that we have understood how to go about preparing the Bone Broth, let us delve a little deeper and find out what benefits it has to offers.

Highly Nutritious: Almost every other essential vitamins and minerals are present in Bone Broth, which makes it highly favorable for the body. Starting with calcium and magnesium present in the bones to the natural compounds in the cartilage of the the body cannot ask for more to fire up all the systems. The bones also contain collagen, which breaks down into gelatin and forms the basic building blocks for protein.

Protects Joints: Already mentioned above, the cartilage is especially essential to prevent tearing down of the joints under continuous stress. According to a review in Sports Medicine, the gelatin from the cartilage protects the joints over the years, which is a major concern for all the people above 60.

Osteoarthritis Prevention: Osteoarthritis is another growing concern for aged people, especially if they are not active enough to prevent damage to their joints. According to a 2016 survey in the Nutrition Journal, it has been mentioned that the collagen release from the Bone Broth has been observed to be beneficial in more than 80% of the Osteoarthritis cases.

Prevents Sleep Deprivation: According to Neuropsychopharmacology, the amino acids glycine, which is present in Bone Broth is a safe therapeutic option to improve the sleep pattern and cycle of individuals. The glycine has been proven to induce sleep without any harmful side effects, and if taken with dinner, Bone Broth can provide the necessary glycine to have a good sleep.

Weight Loss: This factor might be important and motivating enough for people to incorporate Bone Broth in their diet. Journal of Renal Nutrition states that a basic cup of chicken bone broth contains more proteins that your usual chicken broth. It implies that consuming more proteins will fill your stomach, without having to eat more calories in order to fulfill your dietary requirements, which will aid in losing excessive fat.

Considering how all these factors pan out, Bone Broth is extremely essential if you are willing to maintain your body in the perfect condition, without having to rely mostly on medicines.

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