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The Non Woo Woo Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps—you could say I’m a fan since I’ve bought four in the past year. I nixed candles because they’re toxic (I can write more about that in another post). I’m a sucker for some great lighting and ambiance, and these salt lamps do the job. 

Besides being beautiful to look at, did you know they come with some added health benefits?! Pure, Himalayan salt can only be found in the salt mines at the edge of the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan. It is a hygroscopic substance (meaning, it attracts water molecules to itself). When you incorporate the heat from a lightbulb, these water molecules are re-released into the air—free from any gunk they contained! This fun fact is only a little teaser of what makes salt lamps so awesome! Keep reading for more. 

  1. Combats everyday radiation. All of our screens; televisions, computers, smart phones, tablets, etc. emit electromagnetic radiation. This radiation is made up of positive ions that are bad for our bodies… Think fatigue and a weakened immune system. However, salt lamps emit negative ions! This helps to balance all the radiation in the air, and counteracts the negative impact on your body and home. Your blood flow will be improved, boosting your brain function, focus, energy levels, and overall mood. In addition to this, the negative ions produced by salt lamps neutralize static electricity… Which is so annoying in the never-ending laundry war goin’ down at my house. 

  2. Detoxifies the air. Remember above, I impressed you with my big word about salt’s hygroscopic abilities? Let’s explore that in some more detail. As your Himalayan salt lamp attracts airborne water molecules, it also attracts all the crap inside them. This can be made up of all kinds of gross stuff, like: dust, dander, smoke, mold/mildew, pollen, and other allergens/contaminants. As the bulb heats the salt, clean water vapor is released, and all the junk it once held is trapped in a salty prison! This means your air will be cleaner and smell better! Having a salt lamp can help with many breathing problems like asthma, and even the common cold.

  3. Utilizes color and light therapy. Light and color therapy from Himalayan salt lamps can work against stress, anxiety, insomnia, and even attention deficit disorder (ADD)! The soft red, pink, and orange tones have many positive benefits. For example: red activates your circulatory system, pink promotes love and openness of emotion, and orange activates your nervous system. The sunlight-like glow of the lamp can also prevent seasonal depression in the winter months. Just taking a moment to sit and look at your salt lamp each day, can help you re-center your whole Self.

  4. Is energy efficient. Himalayan salt lamps do not need a lot of energy to work. This means you are not hurting Mother Earth by using it… You are actually using one of the many gifts she has given us to improve our lives here. The countless benefits also pay for themselves in the long run. You may not be shelling out as much cash for allergy medication, fancy air filters, and future medical bills as well!

While these four benefits of Himalayan salt lamps are pretty fantastic, a lamp is not a proper substitute for a professional doctor visit. Always be sure to consult your doctor about any health concerns, and never self-diagnose or self-medicate.

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