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The Benefits Of Oil Pulling

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

The Benefits Of Oil Pulling

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live, health and wellness has never been more prevalent, and there is so much information out there about how to keep your body and mind as healthy as possible. While there are many that are skeptical of Ayurvedic medicine, a holistic healing system developed thousands of years ago in India. One ancient practice is oil pulling, which actually involves swishing oil in your mouth. It is not entirely clear how oil pulling works, but many claim that there are various benefits. One common oil utilized in oil pulling is coconut oil, for example, and sesame oil is a close second.

Oil pulling is an easy practice, and it isn’t expensive either. It simply involves swishing around one or two teaspoons of oil in your mouth for 15-20 minutes - but be careful and make sure to not swallow the oil. One important aspect to remember is to not spit the oil in the toilet or sink, because this can cause buildup. It’s better to spit the oil into the trash, instead, if possible. Many find that swishing with warm water is preferable.

Bacteria Reduction

There are hundreds of types of bacteria that exist in the mouth, and many claim that oil pulling is effective when it comes to reducing bacteria that is often found in human saliva and plaque. There are also various studies that appear to support this conclusion, as well. Of course, for those who might be unaware of how important this can be - reducing bacteria in your mouth can significantly improve your oral hygiene, which helps to detect conditions such as HIV and diabetes. The idea is that with oil pulling, the bacteria and various toxins gets “swished out” as a result.

Bad Breath

The next benefit is a more social advantage, as oil pulling is considered a great way to reduce halitosis, or bad breath. There is little doubt that bad breath can affect both your personal and professional life, as well. It doesn’t matter whether the bad breath involves a first impression or job interview that went wrong, a romantic encounter, or is a symptom of medical issues - the fact is that bad breath certainly has a negative effect on your life.

Gum Health

Gingivitis is a gum disease that causes inflammation, and is often characterized by swollen or red/purple gums. Oil pulling may be effective in reducing the effects of gingivitis, which has even been linked to Alzheimer’s disease. While gingivitis is reversible, oil pulling has been known to accelerate the way that your gums heal. There are also some that believe that the practice of oil pulling strengthens the gums and jaws, as well.

There are many people that believe that oil pulling can absolutely help in various areas, but for those who are worried about negative effects - there are many doctors that agree that oil pulling is safe. While coconut oil and sesame oil are often the most used oils in oil pulling, it should be noted that chemically created oils such as vegetable oil and soybean oil should not be used.

For those that want to try different oils, it’s important to research and use the safest oils possible, and ones that do not contain chemicals. Some swear by organic olive oil or sunflower oil, for those who want some variety. The longer that you oil pull, the more effective it can be. While there is some debate about this, some argue that oil pulling can actually be a great remedy for teeth whitening and acne, for those who are looking for more of a cosmetic solution than a health benefit.

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