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The Benefits Of Kombucha

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Ive often wondered what it is about kombucha that has made it so addicting. Turns out their are some real reasons why my body may be craving this tart flavorful beverage.

The Benefits Of Kombucha

While there were undoubtedly many people that had no idea what kombucha was years ago, the kombucha industry seems to be stronger than ever today. In fact, it is estimated that the global kombucha market will be worth around $5 billion by 2025. While this might seem like small money compared to the global soda market - it is still significant. Regardless, it is clear that large corporations are more interested than ever, evidenced by the fact that Pepsico purchased kombucha company Kevita in 2016. There are many that swear by the health benefits that drink. However, some still aren’t aware of all of the benefits that kombucha can provide. The drink has been consumed for a long time, and dates back to somewhere around 200 BC in China.

Kombucha is a fermented tea beverage (black or green tea) with sugar and SCOBY - a colony of bacteria and yeast that feeds on the sugar. This process does take a certain amount of time, for those who might be unaware. Kombucha is a refreshing drink to many, given the fact that it’s a unique combination of yeast and sugar, and sweet and tangy...mixed in with a little “fizzy”. For those who aren’t the biggest fans of the flavor - you might want to drink kombucha regardless, for these reasons:

Gut Health

The gut is the first thing that people think of when they think about kombucha, and with good reason. The fact that kombucha is a fermented tea beverage means that it contains probiotic bacteria, and there is evidence that kombucha can help to treat both diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome. For those who need help with their digestive system, drinking kombucha might be a smart move. Why is the gut important? Consider this: 80% of your immune system exists within the gut!

Mental Health

It seems as though more people are realizing how important mental health is, with more focused being placed on behaviors such as bullying and cyberbullying than ever before. It seems as though more research is indicating that mental health can be directly related to what you consume, and believe it or not - there appears to be research that states that kombucha might help with depression. While kombucha should by no means serve as a replacement to antidepressants, a 2017 study certainly has many interested in whether kombucha can improve mental health overall. It may even play a role in mental clarity, as well.

Weight Loss

Since probiotics and the digestive system are involved, it probably isn’t that surprising to know that kombucha can actually play a role in weight loss. One obvious way it can help with weight loss? Use it to replace your dependency on coffee, soda, or juice. Given the fact that kombucha is only about 30 calories, you might see yourself slim up just off that fact alone! However, if you rely on coffee for energy or productivity, kombucha is not an adequate replacement, as it doesn’t contain anywhere near the amount of caffeine that coffee does.

There are all sorts of different kombuchas, and some contain more sugar than others - so it’s important to find one that you might be comfortable with, both taste and ingredient-wise, before really consuming it on a regular basis. There are those that might prefer to create their own kombucha - and while this does take some time and effort, could make for a great activity. However, one important thing to realize is that kombucha does contain alcohol - so you might want to regulate the amount of alcohol that it contains to meet your specific needs.

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