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The Amazing Benefits of Bentonite Clay

If you have never heard of bentonite clay, you need to read this. Bentonite clay is one of the most amazing substances in the world. It is a powerful full-body detox, prebiotic, and natural healer! Keep reading to find out all the ways you can take advantage of the benefits of bentonite clay!

What is bentonite clay?

Bentonite clay is a substance made from negative ions and aged volcanic ash. The negative ions are what makes it so effective for detoxing purposes. Bentonite clay’s negative ions become charged when wet; bonding to and absorbing positively charged toxins, bad bacteria, chemicals, heavy metals, and other types of ick. Doing this creates the perfect environment for the good bacteria your body needs, and reverses the effects of heavy metals being in your body. It also pulls hydrogens out of your cells, making room for more oxygen. This helps all of your cells heal and regenerate more quickly. These impressive abilities make the possible uses for bentonite clay nearly endless!

What can you use bentonite clay for?

Hair. Making a bentonite clay hair mask will clarify your hair and scalp. It will get rid of dead skin, product build-up, and even toxins! This will help your hair grow as healthy and strong as possible. We can all use more good hair days, am I right?

Skin. Bentonite clay poultices and masks are absolutely fantastic for your skin. Its detoxing and oxygenating abilities keep acne from spreading, heals scars, soothes infectious skin rashes like eczema and psoriasis, balances pH levels, helps bug bites and stings, and pulls out toxin build-up from products like deodorant.

Digestion. Ingesting bentonite clay is a great way to heal your body from within. Your gut health will be greatly improved through the incredible detoxing powers of bentonite clay. Acid reflux, constipation, ulcers, gas, leaky gut, stomach infections, and more don’t stand a chance against bentonite clay. Your body will become a thriving garden of good bacteria, instead of a swampy, gassy, inflamed mess. When your insides are healthy and clean, it will show on the outside. You will feel better, and be more energized when your body is functioning at its peak!

Teeth. Making a toothpaste out of bentonite clay is a wonderful way to detox your whole mouth. Oral health is the beginning of all internal health. When you are aware of what goes in, your body rewards you with positive results! Brushing your teeth with bentonite clay toothpaste pulls out all the built-up bacteria and toxins on your teeth, gums, and tongue. This protects you from bad breath, gum disease, and other oral health hazards. It can even help heal any small wounds from cheek or tongue biting as well! This keeps them from becoming infected and causing even more oral issues.

How can you use bentonite clay?

Bentonite clay can be made into all the following products:

Skin masks and poultices

Hair masks

Deodorant detox paste

Digestive supplement pills and drinks

Toothpaste and mouthwash



Natural medicines and remedies

Burn and bite salves

Bath additives

Anti-itch creams


and many, many more!

As you can see, bentonite clay is a versatile and very special gift the earth has given us. I hope you can take advantage of the many fabulous benefits, and improve your quality of life through this natural clay. When you are looking for the right brand to use, make sure it is organic and properly sourced. Some bentonite clay providers do not check the clay for lead and other harmful substances. Do your research, and only invest your money into pure, organic bentonite clay.

Always consult your doctor before adding something new to your diet and/or body care regimen. Never self-diagnose or self-medicate for any issues you have. Your doctor will be able to tell you what is best for all your personal and individual needs.

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