• Lydia Ojuka Riley

Our Mountain Wedding

Ben and I got married quickly after dating for a couple years. Our kids were our only guests aside from a witness, camera friend and celebrant ( that we found off of google) . We had been engaged for 2 months and weren't making any progress on planning a wedding because we had bought a house, moved and had about 6 weeks of immediate travel planned ( work and some personal).

So what did we do? We literally just planned on the first free weekend would could schedule, and put it on the calender. I bought a few casual white or cream dresses, and settled on this short one by free people.

We are so lucky to live near the most gorgeous mountains, and we could not have asked for a more beautiful day.

So the morning ouf our wedding, we went to the mouth of our favorite canyon just a few minutes from our house with zero fanfare. I just wanted to marry this man.

One day we may blow it out of the park with a huge celebration of our union, but for now, I am just so happy we are together and I love our life.

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