• Lydia Ojuka Riley

CBD Oil Benefits

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

In this day and age there are many alternative options to pain relief, anxiety relief, depression, and more. A major player in the world of alternative medicine is CBD, or, Cannabidiol. CBD is a compound from the cannabis or hemp plant and has been found to have many health benefits. However, its use is still controversial as there is a stigma around using cannabis in any form, it doesn’t matter if it’s official or recreational. A lot of people tend to judge CBD based on these stigmas but CBD is unique in the fact that it does not have psychoactive effects. Meaning, you will not turn into someone you’re not or have any negative effects in the mind.

CBD has many uses and the individuals who do use it come from all walks of life with different backgrounds. Those with depression may use CBD to alleviate their symptoms just like cancer patients may use CBD to relieve their separate symptoms. From muscle pain to migraines, CBD can be used for it.

Our bodies actually produce a chemical similar to cannabis called ECS, or, the Endocannabinoid System. This chemical helps regulate memory, mood, pain perception, appetite, sleep, and more. This is why when we can substitute our missing ECS with CBD, we may discover a decrease in our negative symptoms. Our organic ECS begins to disappear as we age so that is why many supplement it with CBD and replace their natural supply as it begins to fade out.

A benefit of CBD is that it helps alleviate pain. This can be especially helpful for those with lifelong illnesses that cause typically uncontrollable pain such as arthritis and multiple sclerosis. Part of how this works is CBD has an anti-inflammatory aspect which will allow for better blood flow. CBD can also be used to help those with cancer. CBD can lower the effects of nausea and the deep aching pain that may come with it. In fact, there have been studies that suggest CBD may even be anti-cancerous. In these studies, CBD was introduced to some breast cancer cells in high concentrated volumes and the cancer cells actually began to die off.

Another great thing to mention is that it can also help those with epilepsy with their seizures! When someone has severe epilepsy, it’s hard to make them comfortable. When they take CBD it alleviates the symptoms that can make their lives sometimes unbearable. There have been testimonies from those that have found themselves disabled due to epilepsy, they tried CBD and gained back some of the quality of life that was stolen from them by their ailment.

CBD is also useful for those with mental illnesses. Conditions that can cause devastating feelings, insomnia, changes in appetite, and other symptoms are especially helped. Depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, and others can all being examples of this type of illness.

CBD comes in many forms now, you can get it in edibles, capsules, oil, drinkables, and even more. This makes it especially easy to get into your system and convenient for people from different walks of life. CBD could be a big next step in alternative medicine if we let it, right now there are still a lot of negative connotations attached to it. However, as more studies are conducted and more people experience CBD for themselves, a more positive light is being attached to CBD and it is becoming more widely accepted. There is a long history attached to using CBD in both recreational and medicinal practices that dates back to around 2900 BC. From way back then to now, nature continues to provide remedies for our illnesses and solutions to sometimes disabling problems.

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