Celebrate the hair you were born with and share your toxin-free journey because we deserve more than chemicals.

Because we are beautiful women of color who deserve to live our best, healthiest and non-toxic lives.


We can't do that if we feel insecure about the beauty we already have.

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I get it. I struggled as an influencer, creating post after post to gain a following and never really knowing what to do with that following. I'm a Beauty and Lifestyle Content Creator living my best toxin free life in Utah and I created this community of natural hair influencers to educate women on how to take care of their natural hair and skin using the best products with all natural ingredients.

I want to help you achieve healthier hair and grow your influence because great hair is essential to healthy wellbeing. Take my hand, and let’s build a pathway to the healthy, natural hair that you and your followers deserve.


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