Any organic-loving black blogger can change the world...while traveling the planet luxury-style. #NoGimmick

As influencers, you work hard to craft double-tap-worthy posts on Instagram, and fill notebooks with content ideas on growing your brand, yet - there’s a gap.


I know there’s something missing because I spent years in the wellness and lifestyle industry with no idea the vast amount of travel, growth and income that I was missing out on. 

Even if you’ve never made 6 figures a year…


Even if you don’t have the biggest following, or tons of connections...

You have the exact same chance to travel the world and have income that highly paid influencers have. 


I’ll show you how with → The most incredible, life-changing wellness brand in the world. 

I (wrongly) thought emails from brands with “I'll give you free product?” or “we’ll pay $500 for a post” was the dream.

In my first few years as a wellness blogger, my email inbox pinging with emails from companies felt exciting. 


Free “all you have to do is share and tag us!” products…


Requests to PAY me for a short post on their service…

I felt like I was reaching the influencer dream that so many of us had scrolling Instagram. Then, a journey with my new husband took my mindset (like my new babies’ diapers), and changed it.

We arrived at the hotel, and my jaw dropped.

At the time, my husband worked for a network marketing wellness company. He was the guy on stage. The one shaking hands and kissing babies. This new position took us on a whirlwind lifestyle change. 


Business class plane flights to Australia.


Stepping onto cruise ships to Honduras and Belize.


Driving through the (company owned) lavender farms in Provence, France.



This wellness company flew us around the world to host these retreats to reward the members. Incredibly, they were enjoying the world’s highest quality wellness products and essential oils AND enjoying this lifestyle—because of them.


One experience would change my mindset. It will also change the mindset of  any other black woman wanting to shift their lifestyle.

One resort experience revealed that high income is NOT just for the elite few. Seriously.

The plane touched down in Banff, Canada. 


Rolling bag by my side, my husband and I got into our private car, and upon arrival, were led into the hotel. The suite was filled with company swag and products—they always are. Soon enough, I walked out to the courtyard, finding it crowded with these women, and their families who had arrived earlier.

These women were (well…) the most wealthy women that I’d ever met, yet they were NOT what I expected.

I can't really think of a polite way to say it, but these women were the highest image of success I’d ever seen. The handbags were Louis Viuton. Their jewelry was tasteful but lavish for sure. Some had opted to fly in the nanny so they could “work” and enjoy themselves with no stress.  

These were the richest woman I’d ever sat down with, let alone sipped wine alongside.


The shocking part?


These women were regular moms who happened to be earning HUGE incomes, for promoting products they ADORE.

Each woman was a great, down-to-earth momma, who could barely believe they now had this luxurious lifestyle.

Most of these women had 6-figure-earning months and traveled the world regularly, giving incredible opportunities to their families to see new, exotic places, that they previously never thought possible.

Its the magic of getting paid ROYALTIES , but not just royalties, compounding royaties, in perpetuity. aka FOREVER  


                        Mere months and years before, I found out these bloggers were regular moms struggling to: 


Make a grilled cheese dinner while keeping the baby from fussing. 

Make more money from their blogging and content creating passion.

Feel absolute purpose each and every day they woke up. 


Now, as I gazed around in awe, and saw the incredible lifestyle transformations of these women who were truly no different than me (or you), the next step was clear.

I learned how to join the company and create the same lifestyle, which is now here and absolutely available to you.

Growing up, the idea of being rich didn’t seem real because I wasn’t around wealthy families. 


Thankfully, you don’t need to have a background in money to create incredible wealth, and a traveling lifestyle. PLUS, as an Influencer, it’s EASIER than ever!


After Ben left the company to pursue his own new dream, one of the top leaders asked me to join. My answer?

“Hell. YEAH.” 

Even though I’ve tripled my income, there’s still a huge problem. 

There was ONE THING that made me pretty sad in all of this. One thing that I felt like I needed to try and resolve. 


Recently in March 2019, I was in Seville, Spain with the company for the diamond retreat (on their dime… it always is once you hit certain ranks.)


Looking at the sea of women shining, from around the world, I noticed one very obvious thing.  


Where were all the black women? 


Where are the #blackgirlbosses?!


The reason is simple:

Black women don’t know about this opportunity. 


When we look on Instagram, or that villa of women in Belize rolling in dough, we don’t see anyone that looks like us. We assume that isn’t our place. 


Well, I’m here - and it IS our place. 


The #blackwellness space is erupting and you have a part in this evolution.


Black women (communities of color) have not found this business, and I know how it can change your life - just like it changed mine. 


That’s why I’m here.


I am the bridge that is introducing amazing black women to this amazing opportunity!

Oh, and did I mention the products are incredible? 

A note from Lydia, goat-milk-latte lover and lavender-enthusiast:

My name is Lydia (@LYDIAKIA), a holistic wellness blogger, organic-coffee lover and plant mom, tucked into the mountains of Utah. When not snuggling with my husband and babies (human, not plant), I’m spreading the message I am so deeply passionate about. 


I know you’re working too hard for too little money. 


As a champion of diversity, it’s time to bring more backgrounds into the luxury villas of Belize and swanky restaurants of Paris - where we all have every right to be. 


Okay so what are these magical oils that make us money?!


Our hair, our skin, our bodies, and our souls need these plant extracts that serve to detoxify our bodies and homes.


In fact..


The average woman uses over 600 chemicals on her body in just ONE DAY.


Black women spend 9x as much on products as other ethnicities. So we can figure (gulp!) that level of chemicals is even. Much higher.


Luckily, HIGH QUALITY essential oils make a huge difference.

I thought all essential oils were the same. Turns out, a lot are a hoax.


The reason Young Living oils are so unique is because they are incredibly high quality. They are the only brand that owns their own farms around the world and can ensure this quality with their “Seed To Seal” promise. 


With zero to no regulation on essential oils, many companies use shortcuts to price their oils low to make more money.


I’ve been to many of the farms around the world. I actually live within an hour of one of their lavender farms here in Utah. Anytime, I can stop in and tour the farm, check out the testing, bottling, and distilling… no other company is this transparent.


I sell these with passion because I know how life changing they are. 


How I use my oils to sleep like a baby (even with a 6 month old) + have my best skin ever + manage my anxiety


When my husband first began working at the company, he began bringing home these oils and...I didn’t even know how to use them. Ironic, but true! 


Now, after learning the best ways to use them, my life is incredibly different. 

This oil is the swiss army knife of oils. I use it for everything.

its so amazing for sleep, burns and cuts, rashes, hair, skin.
I roll this on my neck, behind my ears and love diffusing it. I have NEVER slept better than have slept now and have a little baby - who sleeps great, with the help of some lavender.  Still can’t believe this natural magic WORKS.



Another  incredibly versatile oil with so much history. Its been providing wellness to people for centuries.
I put this on my face to keep my complexion oh-so-beautimous.
To achieve clarity in meditations, I put it on my face to find focus, which we can all use more of in this Instagram-alert, Pinterest-scrolling world. ;)

I know how much we black ladies LOVE hair care, which is why you’ll adore this. In fact, studies show that this promotes hair growth just as much as the main ingredient in Rogaine.


This oil is jaw-dropping good for your scalp and for a headache. For headaches, I rub it on my temples and neck, instead of taking a stomach-lining eroding headache meds.


This is freaking crazy but this oil makes you more confident. I roll it on, and take 3 big inhales when I need to be extroverted (because extroversion wears me out!). The aroma is gorgeous but it’s so much more than that. Emotional support oils are huge - its because they project directly from our olfactory gland to our emotional brain.


I have anxiety so this soothes my brain. When frazzle comes up, and a long walk (which I love so much) isn’t an option, I use and inhale deeply 3 times. This was an absolute rescue during my postpartum anxiety.


DIGESTIVE “digize”
I’ve had ALL the gut issues. Gluten-intolerant. Sugar-issues. A few drops under the tongue are incredible. A little odd of a scent but I feel better in minutes.

The kit comes with these oils and more!

Have Questions? Email Me Here.

How is Young Living different? 


Easy, They are the ONLY company on our little blue planet that owns their own farms, so they are literally in control of the seeds they plant, the soil it goes into, the cultivation of the plant as it grows, the harvest, the distillation of the plant material including time, temperature, pressure, etc. All the way to testing and bottling. YL has a very open-door, transparent policy that any member can visit the farms. The farming practices are beyond organic and the commitment to sustainability is unparalleled. 


Here are some pics of me at the hawaiian sandalwood farm in Hawaii March of 2018. I’ve also been to the farm in Darwin Australia, Provence France, Mona Utah and many more. The process is LEGIT and I fell in LOVE with the oils. I use them daily, all day, everyday. 

There are SO many things companies can do to cut corners and make their oil more profitable. They can distill the same plant material multiple times, which changes the chemical constituents, because that plant material has already been heated so high. So that oil will not have the therapeutic benefits you were hoping for. They can add chemicals to the cookers to extract more oil. They can add chemical perfume to the oils to make them smell better. They can dilute the oil to make it cost less to fill a bottle. 


Black women have not been using REAL therapeutic grade essential oils, and if they did, I think it would be life changing. Not just for hair and skin, but for all the other ways plant, root and flower oils support our bodies. 


Can we talk? There is NO marketing department reaching out over here, it’s just me, smoochin my baby and building my tribe in between Real Housewives of Everywhere episodes, just contact me here, and we can set something up.





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